RBC Enterprise Edition

  • Want your organization engaged, activated and motivated?
  • Want your team to drive greater value for your organization?
  • Want to have your employees using their strengths to drive value for your business?

RBC Enterprise Edition was designed to give your employees the self awareness and confidence they need so they become more engaged in your organization and drive value for the business. After going through this program, participants understand what makes them exceptional and how they can use it to deliver on your corporate brand promise in a way that is authentic to them and for their own professional growth. This program is ideal for customer-facing employees, new and seasoned leaders, project teams and emerging stars.

Designed to be flexible and affordable, this program is delivered through an e-learning environment. It acknowledges that professional development should support the business and not get in the way of participants' organizational objectives.

Contact us to schedule a meeting to discuss the implementation of this program in your company.


"I can heartily recommend this branding program, especially to the adventurous people I work with who are going into the tough fight of being in business for themselves."

Jack Chapman, Author of "Negotiating Your Salary: How to Make $1000 a Minute" Salary Negotiations.com

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