RBC Entrepreneur Edition

  • Want to take your business or consulting or coaching practice to the next level?
  • Want to charge more for your services?
  • Want to attract your ideal clients?

If your business is not a brand, it's a commodity and commodities compete on price. If you want to attract your ideal clients, charge a premium for your offerings and take your business to the next level, RBC Entrepreneur Edition is for you. We'll let you in on the branding secrets of the world's most successful companies and show you how to apply them to your business so you can be wildly successful. You won't look at your business in the same way after you have incorporated the branding techniques you will learn in the program.

RBC Silver Entrepreneur membership includes:

  • A full year of access to the club
  • 16 on-demand webinars (you get two modules per week and you can go back and review them for as long as you are a member)
  • RBC Entrepreneur Workbook
  • Weekly emailed learning plans
  • Guaranteed spots in our monthly teleseminars with access to all the recordings
  • Networking opportunities with other members
  • Exclusive members-only resources and discounts on other offerings from Reach and Brandego

If you were to buy these offerings separately, you would invest over $1,200. But when you buy this program now, you get it for just one payment of $97.

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If at any time you find that you need objective, one-on-one support with your personal branding efforts, you can upgrade to Gold membership. Learn more >>

What are the benefits of Club membership?

You will learn:

  1. How to increase your client base
  2. How to become a recognized expert
  3. Why you can charge a premium for your services
  4. The most important characteristic of strong brands
  5. How to make what you do proprietary
  6. How to attract new clients without having to sell
  7. How being lazy will help you move your brand forward
  8. The three things that all strong brands do every day
  9. What it means to extend a brand and how you can extend yours
  10. How to develop and "own" a niche
  11. How to build and maintain your professional network
  12. The four-step process that prospective clients use to decide if they are going to purchase from you
  13. How to connect your passions to your business
  14. How you can triple your revenue by re-using your content or materials
  15. How to ensure that everything that you do is on-brand
  16. How to leverage your Branding Club membership to build partnerships and brand associations

And much, much more!

The Reach Branding Club is perfect if you:

  • are interested in using personal branding to differentiate yourself from your competitors and increase your revenue but only have a limited budget to invest.
  • have been through Reach Personal Brand Coaching and are on your way with branding, but want to keep your brand on target.
  • want to ensure that your brand stays relevant and compelling to those people who will make your business a success.
  • want to take your business to the next level, but have limited time for, interest in or experience with marketing.
  • want to start a new business or offering, but aren't sure what shape it should take.
  • want to test out branding, but don't want to make a commitment to one-on-one sessions.
  • know that you can double or triple your client base, but you just can't seem to get the message out.

Stop Selling. Stop Marketing. Start Branding!

If you are going to make only one investment in marketing your business, this is the investment that will pay off big time. Plus, we're so sure that your business will reap the rewards of your active participation in this Club that we have a money-back guarantee.

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"Just a few months after completing the program with William, I completely filled my practice with my ideal clients. The program exceeded my expectations."

- Dr. Tania Abdulezer, Executive Director, Coaching Calls


"I can heartily recommend this branding program, especially to the adventurous people I work with who are going into the tough fight of being in business for themselves."

Jack Chapman, Author of "Negotiating Your Salary: How to Make $1000 a Minute" Salary Negotiations.com

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