Reach Branding Club (RBC) FAQs

"Just a few months after completing the program with William, I completely filled my practice with my ideal clients. The program exceeded my expectations."

Dr. Tania Abdulezer, Executive Director, Coaching Calls

How long does it typically take to make it through the personal branding process?
That varies depending on how self aware you are and how committed you are to the program. Many people complete it in 16 weeks. Others prefer to stretch it out over a longer period of time. Because of the way the program was built, you can set your own schedule.

Do I have to commit to four months of membership?
No. The Reach Branding Club comes with a money-back guarantee. You can stop whenever you would like. Four months, however, is the minimum amount of time to takes to compete the entire program.

What if I can't complete all 16 modules in the first four months?
You can remain a member for as long as you would like to continue to review the content in the 16 interactive sessions. There is no limit to how many times you can watch the interactive presentations.

What happens after four months?
The Reach Branding Club offers many benefits that extend beyond the 16 interactive modules. You can stay a member for as long as you like and retain access to the interactive learning modules, emails, networking opportunities, special promotions, special presentations and other offerings.

Once I have completed a module, can I go back and see it again?
Yes. Once you have received access to a new module, you can view it as often as you would like while you are a member.

Can I contact other members of the Reach Branding Club?
Yes. A major benefit of the club is the opportunity to network with other strong brands. You can only contact those members who indicate that they wish to be contacted.

Can other members of Reach Branding Club contact me?
Yes. But only if your profile says it is OK for other members to contact you.

Is there a certificate for having completed the core program?
Yes. If you would like a certificate, we will send you an assessment. Once you have successfully completed the assessment, we will send you a certificate in PDF format.

Can I upgrade from Silver to Gold membership?
Yes. You can upgrade at any time. As soon as you upgrade, you can benefit from all of the extra advantages of Gold membership.

Why does Gold Membership cost so much more than Silver?
Because Gold membership gives you monthly teleseminars and unlimited access to Reach Certified Strategists during call-in times giving you an opportunity to get your specific questions answered.

Can I use the Reach methodology with my clients?
To use the Reach personal branding methodology with your clients, we have developed a certification program. RBC members who have completed the four- month program qualify for generous discounts. Information is available at:

Can I share Reach Branding Club materials with my friends or colleagues?
No. These materials are for use by RBC members only. They are protected by copyright laws and can not be shared, copied or distributed.

What are the software and hardware requirements to be a member and view the presentations?
To view the interactive learning modules and receive the materials, you will need a Mac, Windows PC, or Linux system with speakers (internal or external) a modern web browser (IE 7 or IE 6, Safari, FireFox, Netscape 6 or higher, etc.) and Flash Player 5 or higher. Additionally, you need Adobe Reader to view the PDF documents available to members.

  • Flash Player, free, is available from Adobe
  • Adobe Reader, also free, is available from Adobe

Are there group membership rates for my organization or company?
Yes. There are generous discounts for groups who register at least 5 members. Groups that register over a hundred members qualify for significant savings over the regular membership price. You can direct your questions to


"Thanks for the wonderful energy and the inspiration and ideas!!! You are a master!!"

Karen Cappella

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