RBC Job Search Edition

  • Want to land your ideal job?
  • Want to make it to the top of the corporate ladder, skipping a few rungs?
  • Want to attract the attention of recruiters and hiring managers?

RBC Job Search Edition gives you everything you need so you can stand out from your peers. Get the job you want. Make a mark on your team. Advance in your career.

Membership includes:

  • A full year of access to the club
  • 11 on-demand webinars
  • RBC Job Search Workbook
  • Weekly emailed learning plans
  • Guaranteed spots in our monthly teleseminars with access to all the recordings
  • Networking opportunities with other members
  • Exclusive members-only resources and discounts on other offerings from Reach and Brandego

If you were to buy these offerings separately, you would invest over $1,200. But when you buy this program now, you get it for just one payment of $97 (introductory pricing).

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If at any time you find that you need objective, one-on-one support with your personal branding efforts, you can upgrade to Gold membership. Learn more >>

What are the benefits of membership?

You will learn how to:

  1. Know What You Want
  2. Understand Your Reputation
  3. Create Your Brand Statement
  4. Establish Your Thought Leadership
  5. Build Your Career Branding Tools
  6. Enhance Your Online Identity
  7. Wow Your Interviewer
  8. Earn What You Deserve
  9. Align Your Brand Environment
  10. Build a Stellar Network

If you have been wondering why savvy careerists are talking about branding, the Reach Branding Club is the place to find out.

The Reach Branding Club is perfect if you:

  • are interested in using personal branding to differentiate yourself from your competitors and increase your compensation but only have a limited budget to invest.
  • have been through Reach Personal Brand Coaching and are on your way with branding, but want to keep your brand on target.
  • want to ensure that your brand stays relevant and compelling to those people who will make your career a success.
  • want to take your career to the next level, but have limited time for, interest in or experience with self-marketing.
  • want to test out branding, but don't want to make a commitment to one-on-one sessions.

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"The Reach personal branding methodology is comprehensive, straight-forward and most importantly effective. I have learned a lot about the way I present myself in going through the process. I recommend it to anyone who wants to really stand out from the crowd. At the same time I see it as a way to 'remember' one's 'personal values and ethics,' which I consider important in leading people or companies."

- Jean Mourain, Director e-Business Strategy, IBM


"William Arruda exudes energy and a fervent interest in branding. He provided our group with humorous insights and actionable advice on how to use the concepts of branding to help us succeed in our careers while providing greater value for Microsoft. "

Tamara Pesic, Director, Speaker Series, Microsoft, Seattle

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